Adventures of the great Ronni “O”Shashonni

The adventures of the great and wonderful    Ronni “O” Sashonni

By a. j. Lombardi Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved…Yes Yes it is very good!


Chapter 1. A Humble Hero

I am your gracious host Ronni “O” Sashonni! “Yes, yes! “I am wise and very strong! “You can plainly see this in my photograph! If any man or lion would like to fight with the great Ronni “O” Sashonni, I will tell him to come forth and I will give him a sound thrashing! “Please excuse the fool who took my picture, for he used a cardboard camera! The day will come when I will find this imbecile of a man and give him a sound thrashing for his insolence! “But for now, we must go on to better things. If you listen to what I say, you also will become wise, but never as wise as the great and wonderful Ronni “O” Sashonni!

Before I begin with the story of my life as a hero, I must tell you that I am a very humble man! “As the great and wise Ronni “O” Sashonni, I have always been, smart and strong. But I will tell you that there are imposters who try to be like me! “But you must know that no one will ever be as wonderful as I.” I have many brothers, sisters and family members who will say that this is true! The people from my village will also tell tell you that there is no one like me! But for now, enough said about the humbleness of the great Ronni “O” Sashonni. It is time for me to begin to tell you of my many adventures as a hero. “I am very happy that you are joining me as I tell you of my adventure! “This tells me that you are very wise, and are willing to learn from someone so great and humble as I!”

…As you can see, I have fought many fools, imbeciles and wrong doers in my life. The world is full of such imbeciles who are always planning to do wrong. Unfortunately, many innocent people become victims of these evil doers. This is why I, “the great and wonderful Ronnni “O” Sashoni have dedicated my life to helping those in need. As a hero, I have brought many villains to justice. Some of which have come to change their evil ways.

…”But now I must tell you of one who has never given up on his intentions of wrong doing.” The man I speak of is know in my village as Shala “O” Car La La. He is a scoundrel of a man who has one continuous eyebrow, and teeth as yellow as the sun! His eyes are always shifting to the left and to the right as one who is watching a tennis match. He is know to never remove his dirty sandals upon entering ones home, and shows no remorse for his camels breath and dirty fingers. He is one who stops at nothing to pursue his desire for evil intentions. “He chews his food with a wide open mouth and is know to wipe the mutton dripping from his lips on the sleeves of others! He has escaped capture many times, but the day will come when the great Ronni “O” Sashonni will bring him to justice! I look forward to the day that I will catch this scoundrel and see him run as a chicken with the Cournel behind him!

Chapter 2. A Grievous Act

Yes, yes my dear friends, thank you for continuing with me to hear more of my story as a brave hero!

“Now I will begin to take you on one of the greatest adventures that I have not shared with any living being until now! …”It all started on one warm summer’s evening while I was celebrating the feast of doba lee in the village I was born. About half way through the festivities I was summoned to the palace of my good and wonderful friend crown prince Boolaba.” Upon receiving this urgent call for help, I immediately summoned my flying camel Go Go Ba and made way for the palace….When I arrived at the heavily guarded palace, I was escorted to the guest room where I encountered the very distraught and weeping crown prince Boolaba. He explained to me that only a short time ago he, his family, and the family of his future father in law sheik Tobabo were dining in the main hall of the palace. They were making plans for his future wedding to the beautiful Talina who is daughter of sheik Tababo. About halfway through the banquet, his beautiful bride to be Talina had excused herself to take a private phone call in her quest quarters.

“Upon waiting for her return for almost one hour, the families became concerned and requested that one of the palace guards along with Talina’s sister Shakooloo go and find out why Talina was taking so long to return to the banquet. Within moments, the palace guard and Shakooloo returned informing us that Talina was not in her quest quarters. They searched for her, but she was no where to be found. During the search, one of the palace guards did find a golden hair clip left by a dangling phone in Talina’s guest quarters.

“As the crown prince tried to continue with his story he suddenly became overwhelmed with great grief and broke down weeping” At that moment, I gave comfort to my dear friend assuring him that Talina would be safely found. “Without hesitation, I then excused myself to begin my investigation.” I immediately had Talina’s guest room sealed off and reviewed what evidence I could find. “For a brief moment, I tried to collect my thoughts and ponder who would be so bold to make such a daring act in the very heavily guarded palace of the great crown prince Boolaba? And why would he dare to commit such treachery upon the family of the great powerful sheik Tobabo. Only a fool would dare to commit such a shameful and grievous act!

…Upon continuing with my investigation, I was informed by the servants that there were several sandal prints and finger marks in the quest quarters which were cleaned before my arrival. “Without further thought, I immediately knew that these were the signatures left by non other than my arch enemy “Shala “O” Car La La!

Chapter 3. The Kitato Plains …Yes Yes it is very good!

Without any hesitation, I knew that I must act quickly for my arch enemy “Shala “O” Car La La! would soon be gone to his hide away know as Seado Island. “My dear friends, before I continue on with this story, I think that it would be wise if I tell you a bit more of my friendship with the great crown prince Boolaba.” It would be most important to tell you why I, “The great and wonderful Ronny “O” Sashonni” was given the task of securing the safety of the beautiful Talina. “You should understand that my friendship with the great crown prince Boolaba goes back to the springtime of my years. It was during those years that I had spent many days traveling the Kitato plains in search of what my future would hold. I was informed by many of the elders of my village that there were wise men who roamed the Kitato plains and would offer their wise consul to one like me.

“On one particular late afternoon, I had just began to break camp and settle for the evening. In the far distance I could hear what sounded like the roars of a great lion.” I could also hear a youthful voice crying out in fear! “Without hesitation I went straight forward into the direction of the crying voice!

Upon reaching a canyon I came upon a dreadful scene that “Upon reaching a canyon, I came upon a dreadful scene that would cause any man to run in fear! In the middle of the canyon was a great lion about to end the life of a young lad! I knew that I had to act quickly! “Without fear of no man or beast, I withdrew my dagger and plunged towards the great lion! “As I fell upon this great beast my dagger fell from my hand leaving me only my human strength to overcome the great beast! “With both hands I grabbed the head of the great beast and thrust him side to side until he withdrew.” Upon gaining my composure, and much to my surprise, the young lad I had rescued was no where to be found. The only recollection I had of the mysterious youth was that he was wearing a brightly colored yellow rope with black markings on the back. This was a great mystery to me until several years later when I had learned that he was none other than the great crown prince Boolaba!

Chapter 4. Protector of the Kingdom

…I see you are still with me my friend! “Yes, yes this is very good for now you will learn more of my friendship with the great crown prince Boolaba, and my investigation into the disappearance of his beautiful bride to be Talina.
…As I had stated in the previous chapter – “It was during my youthful years that I had saved the life of the great crown prince Boolaba. I never knew who he was until several years later when an unexpected gift arrived at my home. It was a mysterious looking package wrapped in a bright yellow robe with black markings on the left back side of the garment which appeared to be the seal of the kingdom. Upon my opening of the package I was amazed to find that it held my cherished silver dagger which I had lost several years earlier when I had fought off the great lion who was about to end the life of that young lad I rescued in the canyon off Kitato plains.

“The mystery of who that young lad became clear to me! “He was non other than the great and powerful crown prince Boolaba! Much to my surprise, I found that my cherished dagger had been lined with green and red emeralds in it’s handle. “I must tell you that ever since that day, my trusty dagger has never left my side! I would also like to state that I have been in the presence of the great Boolaba several times since that day, and not a word has ever exchanged of the incident. “What took place on that fateful day in the canyon of Kitatio plains has bonded us as brothers and has sealed my position and fate as “Protector Of The Kingdom”

At this time I will now return to my continuing story of my investigation into the disappearance the beautiful Talina! Upon being informed by the palace servants that sandal marks and dirty finger prints were left by the intruder, I knew that it was the work of my arch enemy “Shala “O” Car La La! Without reservation, I immediately summoned my flying camel Go Go Ba and headed into the direction of the dwelling place of the evil Shala “O” Car La La. The place he dwells was know as Seado Island. I knew it would be a difficult task to penetrate the island’s barriers. I also knew that doing so could end my life, but my unrelenting compassion and duty for justice gave me strength to lead me forth . “May this be a lesson to you my friends! “No matter how evil the forces may be, good will always overcome with the grace of God!..


Chapter 5. The Gato

…And with the grace of God I set forth on my mission to rescue the beautiful Talina who was surely being held prisoner by the evil Shala “O” Car La La in his domain known as Seado Island. As I began my journey, I tried to contemplate to what direction I would penetrate the Island’s shield. I knew that if I had tried to enter through it’s gates, my presence may be noticed by the inhabitants know as the “Gato” These inhabitants are under the submission of Shala “O” Car La La and do his evil bidding blindly without question, concern or remorse of the outcome.

The Gato are unable to see with their eyes, but are very well able to thrive by their senses. Fortunately they cannot sense the presence of those who are good, and are repelled when a person of good heart and righteous ways comes close to them. If you want to walk about them without being noticed it is important to stay at a distance of the length of one mans arms. Getting any closer to the Gato will cause them to go into a rage. The Gato only flourish when they are surrounded by those who are as evil as they.

“From a view on the outside, their dwelling know as Seado Island is both beautiful and seductive. This beauty is only a deception, and has allured many to pass through it’s gates. But once a person is on the inside he becomes a prisoner. Sadly enough, that foolish person remains a captive and slave of Shala “O” Car La La and the Gato.
..Since my childhood I have heard many stories of those who have entered the domain know as Seado Island, only never to be seen again! The only time I have ever heard of a person entering and leaving through his own will is when the great “Sheik Tababo – father of Talina performed a secret mission for King Ikoba who is the father of the great crown prince Boolaba

…Thoughts of how to rescue Talina raced through my mind as I came closer and closer to my time in destiny. As I came within the mountain rage which is just before Seado Island I noticed what appeared to be a camp fire. Upon closer inspection I saw that there were two figures standing close to the fire. Much to my surprise I saw that one of the men was wearing a bright yellow robe with the markings of the kingdom on the back of the garment. I tried to get as close as possible without being noticed. As I came within a stone throws range I saw that only one man was left standing by the fire only to find that the second was brandishing his sword in back of me… I could feel the soft whisper of a dancing sword getting closer and closer.” I quickly withdrew my dagger and turned only to find myself face to face with the great “Sheik Tababo – father of Talina!

Chapter 6. Dedication and Loyalty

…We both dropped our weapons and embraced! Sheik Tababo then explained. “I could not let you go on this mission alone to save my daughter! “I am the only one who has ever penetrated the barriers of Seado island without being noticed. “The evil Gato who guard the island never sleep, and you will surely need my help if they begin to fight you! After hearing what Sheik Tababo had said, I knew that my chances of rescuing Talina would be improved with the help of this great warrior. We then decided that it would be best if we worked together as a team. We then walked over to the campfire to meet the other man who had accompanied Sheik Tababo on his mission. He was introduced as a man called Mato. He was a very tall dark skinned man who did not speak. I was told by Sheik Tababo that Mato was once attacked by the evil Gato who stole his ability to speak. He was a faithful bodyguard to Sheik Tababo, and was with him when he ” had once performed a secret mission to Seado island for King Ikoba” Upon meeting him, I immediately felt a bond and kinship as if we had known each other all our lives. Although Mato was very tall and strong, he emanated grace and kindness in the way he carried himself. He could not respond in words, but his gently nod always assured me that he fully understood me whenever I spoke to him.

We decided to stay at Sheik Tababo’s camp that evening and then make our plan of attack in the morning. All through the night we could hear the distant howling of the evil Gato’s who guarded the walls of Seado Island. Through the opening at the entrance of my tent I could see Mato standing next to the tent of Sheik Tababo keeping watch for his safety. I could not understand how a man could go through the night without sleep. I could only guess that his dedication and loyalty to Sheik Tababo had somehow given him the power to carry out his duty without rest.

Chapter 7. The Rescue

…We rose from our rest early the next morning. The land was covered in an eerie fog. This is something I have never seen in my entire life. We crossed many miles until we came within close range of Seado island. Although the entire land and sky was covered in a thick fog, the island was bright and sunny. It had the appearance of being an oasis in the middle of nowhere. It would be inviting to any weary traveler. Of coarse, this is the great deception of the evil  “Shala “O” Car La La! and the Gato. As I had said earlier, “once a traveler steps inside the main gates of Seado island, he remains a prisoner for life! Sheik Tababo informed me that the island was also covered with an invisible dome that had never been breached. As we walked closer to the island, we encouraged each other with the fact that the evil Gato who guard the island cannot sense the presence of those who are good, and are repelled when a person of good heart and righteous ways comes close to them. With this conviction in heart, we walked straight through the main gates unnoticed. As we passed the legions of Gato, I could hear them humming a noise in unison which sounded like a band of hornets. The Gato are somewhat invisible and vaguely seen by the human eye. Without ever stopping, they continually march around the walls of Seado island. As we came closer to the inner sanctuary of the inner palace, the humming noise became quiet and we could not see or hear any signs of the Gato. The inner palace was surrounded by beautiful gardens, fruit trees and fountains. It was not something I would have expected to find in the inner courts of the evil “Shala “O” Car La La!

Within the stillness of the inner palace we could hear the faint sound of a harp playing. Mato pointed to an upper balcony area. Sheik Tababo whispered in my ear that it was the sound of a song that Talina had learned as a child. “We immediately headed in the direction of the balcony.” As we came to the room where the sound was coming from, we saw Talina playing a harp, and Shala “O” Car La La sitting on his throne.

Sheik Tababo motioned Mato and I to remain still. There appeared to be some type of force field barrier at the entrance to the room. In that Sheik Tababo had been within Seado island once before, I felt that I should follow his lead in moving forward. He motioned Mato and I to withdraw our weapons and strike the towards the center of the doors force field all at the same time. Upon doing so, “the force field was broken with a flash of light, and we entered the inner chambers of Shala “O” Car La La! “Within seconds, the room became flooded with Gato guards who surrounded Talia and Shala “O” Car La La! Mato immediately turned in the direction to where the Gato were entering the room and began to fight them off. With dagger and sword in hand, Sheik Tababo and I charged through the defense of the Gato towards Talina. With the corner of my eye I could see Mato bravely fighting off the legions of Gato who were trying to enter the room. “In the middle of the battle I heard a loud crash coming from the dome above!” It was my faithful flying camel Go Go Ba who broke through the domes barrier. I quickly placed Talina on Go Go Ba and signaled him to fly her to safety! After seeing that Go Go Ba was in flight I turned my attention towards the throne of Shala “O” Car La La. To my surprise, he was no where in sight! I then heard a voice yelling, “this way,” “this way to escape!” It was the voice of Mato! My mind raced with many thoughts. “Could this be a trick of the Gato, or was it possible that Mato had regained his power of speech?” My inner instincts told me it was Mato! I could see an opening of escape. Sheik Tababo and I quickly passed through the opening and headed back to the main gates to freedom.

After a few moments I headed back towards the gates with the intent of helping Mato to escape. Sheik Tababo prevented me from entering back into the gates. He said that Mato was doing what he had to do, and my duty as ” “Protector Of The Kingdom” was to follow my mission.

We then headed back home towards the palace of  crown prince Boolaba. On the journey home we were silent and never spoke a word. I felt assured that my mission to rescue Talia was accomplished, but at the same time, I felt an inner sorrow in leaving Mato behind. In my heart, I knew that Sheik Tababo was feeling the same agony as I. “Our journey home was a time of both joy and sorrow.”

… We arrived back to the palace and were greeted by  crown prince Boolaba and the beautiful bride to be Talina. It was a joyous moment for all! After a brief meeting with prince Boolaba, I quietly left home to my village to await my next mission.

Until we meet again!
“The Great and Wonderful Ronni “O” Shashonni”
(Hero, Protector of The Kingdom, Humble and Gracious…)

By a.j. Lombardi


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