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Now at Amazon.  The  Godfather Connection A new thrilling and captivating story of a crime family and two young cousins Gino and Cosmo who rise from altar boy innocence into becoming hit men and major players in the family owned casino. The casino is controlled by the ruthless Godfather uncle Vincent. Years earlier, the family business was under control of Cosmos older brother Paulo. Unknowingly to everyone, uncle Vincent ordered the assassination of Paulo so as to become sole owner of the casino.

The story goes into fast gear as on a warm summer evening young Gino and Cosmo learn that they are being targets of assassination. They abruptly leave New York and leave their innocent altar boy beginnings behind and head to Las Vegas. Eventually, they find themselves under the care and watchful eye of Godfather Vincent. Life goes on as they grow from young altar boy innocence into adulthood. In time they become major players in controlling the family business. All the years of working under the watchful eye of his Godfather, Cosmo remains unaware of his uncles betrayal. Unexpectedly, on a quiet evening FBI agents show up at his door and inform him of the truth of his uncles betrayal. Cosmo’s life goes into major changes as he is now forced to make decisions that will change his life forever… “An exciting new crime family begins here, and will be a story you will not forget as you will witness the intrigue, suspense, romance, betrayal, loyalty and eventual redemption”..

Get it on Amazon in Ebook and paperback

Freddy and the school bully story now at Amazon in Ebook and paperback!

I’m Freddy the talking monkey – hear my story!

Freddy the talking monkey goes to school for the first time and does not fit in with the other kids. “After all, he is a monkey! In time, Freddy becomes a part of the crowd by becoming a hero on the school football team and joining the music band of the infamous tough Taskorrinni brothers”. When all is looking good for Freddy, the cheesiest girl in school named Donna Shanneenee, meets him in the school corridor and tries to steal a kiss from him. Freddy refuses her flirtations in that he already has a girlfriend. Donna gets angry and spreads a rumor throughout the whole school that the biggest toughest bully from another school named Jimmy Fabalazino is mad because Freddy stole his girlfriend. Before the big school football game and dance Donna leads the whole school down to the field where Freddy is supposed to meet the big bully and fight it out. All of the students are on Freddy’s side and cheers him on before the big bully is supposed to arrive. While under the flickering light of a big billboard, Donna runs up to Freddy and wraps her scarf loaded with twenty nine cent perfume. The overpowering aroma from the cheap perfume gets in Freddy’s eyes and his vision becomes blurry just before he is supposed to come face to face with Jimmy Fabalazino on the other side of the giant billboard. Suddenly a strong wind blows and the flickering billboard light goes out and Freddy finds himself having to face his fears… Now you must read the story and see how Freddy rises and faces his next challenge in life…This will be the funniest most heartwarming story you will ever read about someone who rises through life’s challenges. Get it on Amazon in Ebook and paperback… Freddy and the school bully

Now at Amazon in Ebook and paperback.  Geeks Punks And Friends is a very funny coming of age adventure story about teenage underdogs who go back in time and travel through Norman Rockwell’s America encountering numerous adventures such as joining an outlaw motorcycle gang know as the Road Dogs, running with the bulls, settling a hillbilly feud in a town named Flotsonville where everyone has two first names, boarding a cruise ship owned by a wealthy sultan who believes that Star Trek is real and he must save Mr. Spock from the Klingons. This very funny adventure story is pack with many more humorous adventures. The story begins when main character wimpy Toby enters junior high and is confronted by the notorious tough guys know as the Taskorinni brothers. They wear their beloved black leather jackets winter, spring, summer and fall. They were once spotted skiing down a mountain with their leather jackets open and cigarettes on their ears just so they could look cool! In time, wimpy Toby gets accepted into the Taskorinni fold until one day he is confronted in the school corridor by bubbly gum snapping cheese ball Donna Shanneenee. She grabs Toby by his belt and twist it until he gets a wedgy so bad that he falls to the ground. Toby becomes so embarrassed by getting beat up by a girl that he decides to leave town on the “Straight “O” Way Express. Now the adventures begin as he is joined by two other wimpy friends! Now it’s time for you to get the rest of the story to find out what funny adventures unfold! Get it on Amazon in Ebook and paperback… 

The adventures of the great and wonderful    Ronni “O” Sashonni Coning soon to Amazon books!