Question:  Can you recommend a simple great tasting homemade pizza topping?

Everyone Loves Pizza!

Answer: Yes, yes yes! There are hundreds of various pizza  toppings you can apply to satisfy your own particular taste.  My personal favorite is to make my toppings as simple as possible which I find brings out the true flavor of real Italian pizza as a whole.

My Favorites:  (A very simple topping mix which is very flavorful)!

First add some diced  fresh tomatoes and place them over the dough. Next - add a combination of  extra sharp cheddar cheese, aged asiago cheese and some pecorino cheese- this combination will add a very flavorful zesty taste!  of course you may use any other kind of cheese you prefer such as mozzarella, sharp provolone cheese and kraft grated parmesan cheese but my top cheese combination is aged asiago, extra sharp cheddar and pecorino. After adding the cheese you should then add  some kosher salt, pepper, olive oil, oregano, basil and garlic.  Believe it or not this very simple topping mix  will make a very full flavored wholesome and tasty pizza!

Of course you may also add any additional pizza topping you desire- mushrooms, pepperoni, olives...


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