Question:  How do I give my pizza dough great flavor?

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Answer: I would like to give you my own special secrets that will add some great flavor to your pizza dough as follows;

Before applying your tomato  or other toppings, try one or more of the following:

After the dough has been placed and stretched in the cooking pan, rub or spray  a small amount of butter or margarine onto the top part of the dough.  My personal preference is butter which adds great flavor!

In place of butter or margarine you can try a small amount of virgin olive oil or corn oil which also adds a nice flavor.

A touch of pepper, salt., oregano, basil, fresh minced garlic or garlic powder.

Once you have placed one or more of the above listed ingredients onto the top of the dough you can now gently rub the ingredients into the dough so as to allow the full flavor to cook right into  the dough.

Note:  You can experiment with one or more of these combinations to satisfy your  own particular taste.  


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