Question: How do I get my pizza dough to become thin crust?

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 Answer:  Very easy, if you do the following;

Pre-made dough  is great if a baker shop is close by or you may also find pre-made dough at most super markets.

To make the dough pliable so as to stretch it properly you have to let it rise.  You should place the dough in a bowl and cover the top of the bowl with a cloth table napkin and then let it  sit in room temperature for about thirty minutes or more which will allow the dough to breath and become more pliable to work.

After the dough has risen it will become pliable and very easy to stretch to your desired size. The next thing to do is to  place about a quarter teaspoon of olive oil, corn oil or crisco oil in the pan that you will cook your pizza in and spread evenly. Next, place the dough in that pan and  begin to stretch  the dough as much as it will stretch.  Note: of the 3 oils mentioned above  I find that crisco oil is best for this process because it allows the dough to stretch and be held in place more easily and not retract as much after stretching.  You should also rub a small amount of oil of choice over the top of the dough which will allow the dough to spread more easily.  After you have completed this process let the dough sit and breath for another fifteen minutes or so. 

After fifteen minutes have expired you will find that the pizza dough is more pliable and easy to stretch a second time.   You should now begin to stretch the dough to the desired thinness  you would like.  If you would like a super thin crust you may use a roller.


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