Funny Jokes Parody Clean Humor by t.j. Wyat

Want to see a fat guy run? ... Tell him Burger King is closing in 5 minutes!

Why fat fellas likes turkey ? ... gobble gobble gobble!

Where do fat people go on vacation -- Turkey Hungry, Hamburg Germany and the Cara beans.

Why portly people don't like fish ---because fish have scales


They love having a full tank on long drives because they like to be gassed up!

They say that drivers who drive to close are dangerous because you might get rear en ded!

Favorite pet bird --- a swallow.

Favorite pet dog ---- chew wah wah.

Favorite actor ----Kevin Bacon.

Favorite rock star --- Meatloaf.


Favorite old time t.v show - Dean Martin's Celebrity Roast.

Favorite charity ---Big sisters.

Favorite dare devil game ---Chicken.

Favorite knife -- Swiss

Favorite group of actors -- Wizard of Oz  Lollypop kids.

Love to get picture taken --- Cheese.

Love trouble makers --- Because their always starting a beef.

Love trains - chew! chew! chew!

Want to go to see scary movies with me because   I scream.


Most disliked pie --- one that's not made.

Most disliked bakery -- one that's closed.

Most disliked yogurt -- the kind you eat.

Smart in algebra ---pie equals square.

Want to speak Italian --- chow!

They don't feel insulted when people make them the butt of the joke!


What do portly sized guys have in common?

Their afraid of carrots!

Believe that chewing food rapidly is good exercise!

Don't like anyone named Jim!

Think pinky rings make you look cool!


...Hey! I hope your enjoying this silly parody but I have to sneeze "ah chew" get it  "ah chew"  golly I'm on a roll!

Portly sized guys never eat the cherry on a five scoop banana split because they say it may be fattening!

Want to see a fat guy get angry? ... Tell him there is another fat guy ahead of him at the pastry counter! Want to see him get real angry? ... Tell him that there are two fat guys ahead of him at the pastry counter!...If you want to see him explode! ... Tell him that the line he has been waiting in for one hour is the "all you can eat rice cake and yogurt buffet"!

...One more--- Why do portly sized guys dislike like nosey people  ---- because they ass to many questions!


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