Let's See How Good Of A Detective You Are In This Episode!

A. Read Story.

B. Click On Next.

C. Answer Questions.

To continue the game you must answer 1 out of the first 3 questions correctly. If not, you will be automatically returned   to start again. Upon getting the correct answers you will continue on to the higher level.

...On Monday evening, two men wearing brown hats and yellow shirts robbed a store on Fourth Ave. The store is owned by Mr. Green and his elderly brothers John and David. The day of the robbery Mr. Green had the day off. Brother David opens the every morning at eight A.M. The store is open from Monday through Saturday. The brothers have owned the store for over fifty years. The robbers entered the store at 5 P.M. and cleaned out the register of all it's cash. Mr. Green stated that he only had one hundred dollars in the register and despite the robbery, he remained calm in that his brother David had made a bank deposit of eight hundred dollars earlier in the day.

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